Mission Statement 

“To distribute funds with a focus on developing and promoting an artistic, humanist and scientific community and help those individuals enrich Newton residents lives with their work.”


The Newton Cultural Council is supported by the City of Newton, and the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.

Newton welcomes applications from both non-profit organizations and informal associations formed for a cultural purpose as well as from individual artists, primarily Newton-based. Funds may be applied to the development and exploration of an artist’s work without any specific project involved, or for a special project. Newton always looks to make grants where there will be a community benefit. Projects might involve a performance, lecture, reading, open studio or a slide show at a public space open to all. A confirmed location for any project must be identified at the time of the grant submittal and budgets must balance. ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED ONLINE. PAPER APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Submissions after the deadline will not be considered.

Members of the NCC

Amelia LeClair (Chair)
Armand Andreassian
Maria Beatriz Arvelo
Rebika Shaw Bendayan
Rich Frost
Paula Gannon
Kathy Hassinger
Grey Held
Lakshmi Narayan Kadambi
Kristine Munroe
Aileen Murphy
Christine O’Donnell
Emily O’Neil
Christopher Pitts
Linda Plaut
Robin Stein
Kathleen Wright

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