Newton Cultural Council’s Mission Statement

“The goal of the Newton Cultural Council is to contribute to the cultural vitality of Newton by funding excellence in creative, cultural and humanistic projects of Newton cultural organizations, artists, and humanists that benefit and enrich our community.”

Newton welcomes applications from both non-profit organizations and informal associations formed for a cultural purpose as well as from individual artists, primarily Newton-based. Funds may be applied to the development and exploration of an artist’s work without any specific project involved, or for a special project. Newton always looks to make grants where there will be a community benefit. Projects might involve a performance, lecture, reading, open studio or a slide show at a public space open to all. A confirmed location for any project must be identified – including online – at the time of the grant submittal and budgets must balance. ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED ONLINE. PAPER APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Submissions after the deadline will not be considered.

Newton Cultural Council strives to be an anti-racist, inclusive, diverse, equitable and accessible council. We seek to increase funding for programs in the arts, humanities, and sciences created by or featuring BIPOC applicants and audiences. Newton Cultural Council will create internal organizational systems, processes, structures and cultures that encourage any person to engage with us. In creating an anti-racist and equitable council, we actively seek a multitude of voices within our community.

The Newton Cultural Council is supported by the City of Newton, and the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency. The NCC has been giving out grants since 1998.

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Council members are appointed by the Mayor, and are charged with annually evaluating and funding grant applications in the arts, humanities and sciences to build the artistic community and further develop Newton as an arts destination. Distributed funds are provided by the MCC and the City of Newton.  Click on About above.