Grant Evaluation Criteria

Dear Grant Applicants

There will be some modifications in this form for the FY2024 grant application cycle, the Newton Cultural Council.

This form is meant to help both you, the applicants, and us, the evaluators. We highly recommend you attempt to rate your own program before submitting your application. 

NCC Grant Evaluation Form


PROJECT NAME: ______________________________


Application received by ______ deadline  
Applicant resident of MA    
Dates within 18 mo from July this yr – 

Dec next yr

Confirmed venue: in-person or online      
ADA Complaint Accessible venue    
  Open to public – publicly accessible      
  Programmatic non-discrimination      
Benefits Newton citizens
        Public school program
          Request for food/beverages      
          Personal request for scholarship      

Stop here if the application has been disqualified due to one of the criteria above.


Please rate each of the following criteria as:

0 (nil) 3 (Marginal) 6 (Average) or 9 (significant) 

Use the guiding questions in each section to evaluate that section



Artistic Merit/Quality/Creativity/Social Impact (30%)
  • Background or qualifications of project lead or organization suggest it will be of high quality?
  • Have technical challenges that would impact quality been addressed? (appropriate venue space, audio, lighting, rain or heat alternative, zoom, etc.)?
  • Is project interesting, innovative and/or original?
  • Does this project have the potential for developing into an ongoing program?
  • Does project have BIPOC Leadership?
  • Does project have BIPOC programmatic inclusion?
  • Does project engage with issues of our time?
Clarity and feasibility of Overall project – Timeline, PR (15%)
  • Is there sufficient planning?  Does the timeline make sense to ensure quality in project implementation?
  • Is there a budget and plan for marketing/publicity to reach a diverse public?
Budget (10%)
  • Is NCC only source of funding? 0 = yes 9 = no
  • Are artists being paid to participate?
  • Is the budget clear and complete?
Community Support/Significance to Community Served (20%) “What’s in it for Newton?”
  • Is the applicant/organization a city resident?
  • Does project contribute to the multi-cultural vitality and well-being of the community as a whole?
  • Does project address a community need? Unique programming, and/or DEI
Ability to involve, contribute and enrich an underrepresented population (25%)
  • Does it benefit a historically underrepresented segment of the community?  
  • Does program employ or engage diverse performers/artists/audiences?
Is this a Top 10?
Should NCC fund this project: